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Beer has come a very long way since the early days when a man would pop into his local pub after a hard day’s work to grab a quick pint before heading home to his wife and kids and a home-cooked dinner. With the growing number of micro-breweries making some outstanding craft beers the delicious brown ale is being enjoyed by a much wider audience today. That doesn’t mean that traditional beers aren’t still holding their own. On the contrary as you can still grab that pint at your local, but now your wife or girlfriend can join you and choose something from the wide range of special beers your local stocks.

One of the fun ways to discover new beers is to take in one (or more) of the Beer Festivals that are held around the country each year. You will find award-winning beers from both established breweries and those new to the beer brewing business. It’s a great day out not just for the beer lover but many festivals now cater to families, with plenty to entertain the young ones too, while you get down to some serious beer tasting.

The United Kingdom is somewhat spoiled for choices of beer. From stout to fruit beers and everything in between there isn’t a beer lover who can’t find at least a dozen beers that they can put on their list of favorites. Typically, of course, beer lovers have a different beer for each occasion. There is the everyday beer that they will open up when they get home from work, or get on tap at their local. Then there is the weekend beer that they enjoy with family and friends while watching a big game on the television. Still yet there is the selection of beers they like to serve at more formal occasions.

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Frodsham Brewery

Frodsham Brewery was founded in 2005 by newly retired husband and wife team, Barrie and Hazel Davidson. The pair had a dream to start a small business in their beloved home town but while they had plans to open a café initially Barrie took a course in beer-making and they couple tried to open a brewery in the old Frodsham Railway Station. That location did not come to fruition. Undaunted the couple set up business in a nearby Ellesmere Port and began brewing several different beers using their own unique recipes and only the finest, natural ingredients.

Frodsham BreweryIt wasn’t long before Stationhouse Brewery (as they were called then) started winning awards for some of their craft beers and their recognition as a brewer of fine craft beers began to grow. After about three years in that location they were able to relocate to the Lady Heyes Craft Centre in Frodsham in 2007 and in 2009 changed their name to Frodsham Brewery as they were known from then on. The couple employed a couple of staff members to help them, mainly with sales and deliveries, and their customer base grew steadily over the next few years, with their beers being sold both around the local area and further afield. The brewery liked to keep around 18 different beers at any given time, and when Barrie created a new beer he would drop brewing of one of the others rather than add to their stock number.

More awards were to follow, with most notable being for their Frodsham 800, a beer made to commemorate the anniversary of the town. It won first prize at the Frodsham Beer Festival and later went on to win two more regional awards. Interestingly enough Barrie refers to this beer as being made “accidentally’ as at the time he was asked to create a new beer for the anniversary he had just received some hops from New Zealand and was keen to try them.

Frodsham Brewery grew a fan base both locally and internationally. Their range of craft beers appeared in a number of beer festivals across the UK, and while they didn’t always win first prize the consensus of opinion was that their beers were very good.

Frodsham Brewery shopThe Frodsham Brewery also ran a shop on-site which sold their bottled beers as well as creative gift items designed with beer lovers in mind. At one time the shop also offered their customers the opportunity to create their own labels to put on beer bottles as a gift idea. Tours of the brewery were available and Barrie would often talk to customers and answer any questions they may have had about the brewing process.

Sadly, after over 10 years putting Frodsham Brewery ‘on the map’ Barrie and Hazel Davidson decided to hang up the apron and retire from the beer brewing business. To mark their imminent closing they ran a buy-one-get-one-free on their 12 packs of beer until stocks ran out, and then the doors closed for good in early 2016, marking the end of Frodsham Brewery’s great run. Gone but not forgotten by their fans locally, in outlying areas and in some cases worldwide.


Frodsham Brewery - Products and Featured Real Ales

1st Lite

1st Lite (3.8% ABV)

Our 1st Lite is a full flavored, robust pale bitter, with grapefruit and hints of other citrus flavors, giving it a pleasant after-taste. Brewed using Halcyon malt the brew is late hopped with not one or two but three American hops to give it its distinctive award winning flavor. This beer won an award at the Wakefield Beer Festival 2005.


Aonach (4.9% ABV)

A typical Scottish style 80 Shilling beer, its rich, dark amber color is partially due to being late hopped with some of the finest New Zealand hops.


Blush (5.0% ABV)

With an attractive pink blush, our Blush beer is highlighted by blackcurrant and raspberry flavors, resulting in an extremely pleasant fruity taste.


Buzzin' ( 4.3% ABV)

Named after Hazel, this fruity bitter beer is golden in color and has just a hint of honey. Brewed using a single hop it has great hop flavor with a dry finish. Winner of the Bronze Medal for Best Bitter 2007 at the Great British Beer Festival.

Devil's Garden

Devil's Garden ( 3.9% ABV)

A traditional biscuit flavor beer with a wonderful amber bronze color, and interesting raisin aftertaste.

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